GEAR: Camera body:  Canon 5D Mark III

Lenses:  24mm 1.4; 35mm 1.4; 50mm 1.2;  70-200mm 2.8

A little about me...

For as far back as I can remember, I have always loved animals.  As a little girl, my companions were stuffed animals, not Barbies; and a stable filled with plastic horses was far more interesting to me than a dollhouse filled with plastic babies and miniature furniture.

Growing up, my incredibly intuitive mother continued to respect and encourage my love for animals and saw to it that our family always had pets -- first goldfish; then a guinea pig named "Pinto"; next came our two cats, "Lori" and "Star"; and finally, to my greatest joy, our first dog named "Pepper."

Pepper became a member of our family as a result of me stalking her daily at the local pet store. Each afternoon on the way home from school, I would walk down to visit her. I don't remember how long these visitations went on, but eventually my mom had convinced my dad about the importance of Pepper joining our family.  And one day he just gave in...

From the moment Pepper joined our family, my heart for dogs has continued to grow.  In 2009, I became active in the rescue community of Los Angeles, first with Camp Cocker, and gradually working with other rescues in various capacities.

In 2012, I discovered photography and was instantly smitten, especially when the subject matter is animals and the people who love them.   Recently I have discovered that a very rewarding use of my time and camera is visiting shelters and rescues.  The animals with the nicest photographs have a better chance at adoption.  I feel blessed beyond measure that I have been given the opportunity to combine the two things I love most - animals and photography - into a passion that brings me such joy!