Walking in Old Town with Jj

From the moment I met Jj back when he came to me as a tiny, malnourished puppy with a congenital life-threatening birth defect known as a liver shunt, he has had a Presence about him that is what I call "other worldly."  If he were human, he would likely be described as "deep."  If I had to sum up his personality in one sentence it would be to say that "He LOVES people!"  He literally LIVES for meeting new people and interacting with them (a personality trait that I have been struggling for most of my own life to cultivate.) 

The technique for achieving his goal is flawless;  nothing short of mastery since our very first trek around Old Town, even as a tiny puppy.  From as far away as 100 feet, he locks eyes on his target and literally will not stop staring at them until they return his gaze....

Once gazes are locked, they are pretty much putty in his presence.

Next comes the long floppy ears flattening, flying back in the wind as he runs to meet them, accompanied by an ENTIRE-back-end, side-to-side wiggle of pure, uncontainable love.  I have seen it happen time and time again, with even the "most serious" falling prey to what I call "Jj's Special Love Treatment."  No one can resist it.

Once the connection is made, he gently places his paws on their shoulders and begins licking their neck and ear.   Typically, at first, they are taken aback by the exuberance of this special form of Love Treatment, but once they understand what is happening, they begin to relax and let it unfold.

Which brings me to TODAY ... and what happened....

As we approached the red traffic signal light, we saw a group of people also waiting to cross.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jj start up with his routine and I thought to myself, "Oh no, come on, Jj, they are obviously 'gang bangers.'"  

(Yes ... me with my shallow, preconceived, completely misguided judgments... mentally throwing cold water onto Jj's next project.)

So I decided to throw caution to the wind and let Jj do his thing.

What happened next still makes me tear up.  The guy who Jj had been zeroing in on was SO EXCITED to see Jj approaching him and immediately knelt down to be greeted. Jj proceeded to do what he does and this huge hunk of a man was suddenly reduced to tears and started telling me, "OMG you have NO IDEA how much I NEEDED THIS TODAY."  

I am still in awe of my Easter Walk with Jj.  The way Love flows and in ways that we least expect it.... and WHEN WE ALLOW IT.   Had this amazing moment been left up to ME, it would have never happened...so thank you, Jj, for showing me the high road.