Where will the photography session of my pet(s) take place?

I like to work with pets and their people in an environment within which they are most comfortable, which is their own home. So that means I come to you!

What do I need to do to prepare my pet(s) for our session with you?

Like any photography session, the nicer the subject appears, the better the images will be.  Optimally, your pet(s) should be clean and groomed the way that they are groomed in their everyday life; i.e., if your scruffy terrier mix normally has long hair, there is no need to go to the groomer for a prissy haircut, but a nice bath would leave his/her fur silky, shiny and camera ready!

Will you bring little outfits to dress my pet(s) in?

My personal philosophy about animals drives my dislike for dressing them up like human dolls, so I do not bring any type of cute little outfits. I feel that costumes completely detract from what I am trying to capture, which is the true essence and beauty of your companion animal's soul.

How will you get my pet(s) to sit still for the camera?

I have my ways!  And I deliberately schedule your session to be a two-hour block of time because it gives your pet(s) time to become familiar with and comfortable around me.  After that, we just sit around while your animal(s) settles down and go from there. 

Will I be in the pictures?

If you would like to be in the pictures, I would love to have you there!  

One of the catalysts for my passion for pet photography came when my Cocker Spaniel, Jack, was diagnosed with cancer. I knew we had limited time together and I began taking pictures of him nonstop because I knew that, when he had passed, they would be of great comfort.

A good friend of mine at the time also suggested that I get pictures of myself and Jack together, because those memories would be even more important to preserve.  I was so grateful for that suggestion because those images of the bond between he and I were the things I turned to while I was grieving his loss.