Liberty Belle is an 8-week old Doberman Pinscher puppy who I had the pleasure of photographing one Friday evening at her home in Eagle Rock, California.

Keeping up with Liberty and Cissy.

This little puppy is growing exponentially.  It was interesting to see the changes in her personality between this photo shoot (taken at 4 months of age) and the last (taken at 8 weeks of age).  As a carefree, eight-week-old puppy, she did not question anything that was going on around her. Our most-recent interaction this past weekend was an entirely different experience!  The previously easy-to-photograph puppy has suddenly decided she is camera shy and would have nothing to do with me or my camera!  

In the end, we negotiated a compromise:  I used my 70-200mm zoom lens allowing me to sit a respectable distance away so as not to spook her, and she, in turn, agreed to be cute and silly from afar.