Rescue puppy at Recycled Love Dog Rescue in Corona, California

Giving Back

I  have been a volunteer with Los Angeles area rescue groups  (Camp Cocker Rescue, Second Chance Cocker Rescue, DogTag: You're It!) since 2009, helping with transportation and fostering.  Upon stumbling into my passion for photography in 2012, I immediately gravitated towards photographing animals. The fact that shelter and rescue animals are more likely to find homes if they are portrayed in a beautiful photograph motivates me to gladly offer my time to all shelters and rescues free of charge. 

Recently, I have also had the privilege of becoming an artist member of, an international organization of artists who donate their time to help improve the chances of shelter animals finding adoptive homes.


(Please click on this image  to start the slide show of deserving animals waiting for their forever homes throughout the Los Angeles area.)